Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a lot of calls from our customers asking various questions relating to web designing and website development. That is why we have listed few of the most common questions that are frequently asked to help and guide you on some matters regarding your website requirements. If you have other concerns, please feel free to call us at 0203-322-60-80 or you may send us an email. We would be most glad to be of service to you.

It actually depends on what type of website you require. The costs varies according to the technology and functions that you intend to incorporate into your site. Most projects, if not all, are customised and tailored according to the needs of our customers. Technically, the more features and functions you require, the higher the price would go. But of course, it will all be worth it because you would actually be receiving the best value for your money when you get to work with our experienced team of web designers.

The completion of a website still depends on how big the project is. Thus the time scale of creating the whole website is determinative on the size of the project as well as the complexity of designs and its functionality. For small projects, it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks. But for larger projects which require a lot of applications, this would somehow take a month or so. This is just for web designing and web development. All other services that would be applied for efficiency may still add up to the approximate time scale given.

No, we do not use web templates. As a professional web design company, we do things from scratch and never rely on available templates. Our web designers and web developers are highly capable of doing things right from the start. They customise everything according to your preferences.

We do submit your site to major search engines. However, in order for you to guarantee a high rank on search engines, you will also have to consider optimising your site with our SEO services. By being able to effectively optimise your site, we can definitely assure you that you will not just obtain high ranking but also increase your return on investment.

Meeting personally is no longer necessary for most cases. This is because generally our websites are completed through emails and telephone calls only. We can communicate privately and regularly inform you of the progress of the project. The whole project is made according to what you specifically require. Everything is tailored to your satisfaction.

Completing the website is not the end of our services. We also offer support services to the websites that we have designed. Whenever you encounter problems or if ever you require improvements and enhancements, we can always be at your service. Maintenance services are also offered to update your website from time to time.

You own your website. You can simply do what you want with it. When it is already completed, you can have the copy of your website and have it hosted by another supplier.

Yes. Our Content Management System can guarantee that your webpages will totally be search engine friendly. With our highly qualified experts, they can assure that the website you have will be truly effective to work for you.

No, that is not entirely true. We are honest and transparent with all our charges. It is even detailed upon completion of the work. We can promise you that you always get what you have actually paid for. When we discuss about certain costs, we will strictly adhere to it.

The need actually depends on the amount or size of information that you wish to be displayed on your website. When you plan of putting voluminous data, it would be best and advantageous for you to have a database on your website. We can discuss this requirement in detail. Contact us at 0203-322-60-80 anytime.

Yes, you can. There are actually different methods by which you can use to update your website. We would be happy to help you on this matter. Our web designers are very much willing to give their services for your total satisfaction.

Yes. We can check on it and help you improve it to your advantage. We can help you obtain the best results that you wish and be able to increase your return on investment effectively. You can always have the best online experience with our team.

No. We always give you the liberty to maintain and update your websites. But with our web designers, we are very much confident that you no longer need to really look much further.

Your website’s appearance will vary depending on the type of browsers that viewers use. At Local Web Design, we do evaluate your websites to ensure that your website will look at its best no matter what browser will be used. Most of the time technology changes that is why we re-evaluate your website every now and then.

Yes. Our website designers and developers would be able to provide you everything that you need from web designs to hosting services. You do not have to look much further because we are your one stop shop for all your website requirements.

Yes. You can have as much email as you want with your website. You can use this as your official email for your several transactions. Whatever you need, we can effectively set it up just for you.

Yes. Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable web designers can provide you with tracking software which records everything that you need to know. You can use this date to further develop your website as well as your business per se.

No. You can have as much as you want. Like they always say, the more pages you have, the better is your standing with search engines would be.

If ever you may still have a lot of questions and concerns about our services, just give us a call at 0203-322-60-80. It would be our privilege to discuss with you everything that you need to know about our services. Likewise you may send us an email or simply fill out the form we provide.